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Grant access to locked
content with a tweet!

The Free Social Marketing Tool

Tweetpay Bird

Instead of just giving away your content, special offers and digital goods, wouldn't it be nice to receive some social recognition?

Tweetpay gives you the ability to offer your content in exchange for a tweet, thus generating some much-deserved social buzz!

1. Content

Tweetpay Blue Fluffy Cloud

Let your customers download any file of your choice by using our simple upload feature. This includes Vouchers, discounts, PDF's, videos, eBooks, the list goes on.

You can also supply a URL to lock behind a tweet!

Icons showing different content for Tweetpay Button

2. Create

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With some simple information to enter, you can get your own button setup and ready for integration into your website. You can also write the message you would like people to tweet for access to your content!

See our demo
Interactive Tweetpay Button Builder

3. Embed

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We supply you with the HTML, CSS and a script tag to make sure your button functions correctly wherever you put it on your website. If you're having trouble, we also have an FAQ section where we put our most common queries.

Embedding a Tweetpay button into a website

4. Tweet

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Users can then click your button, post a tweet, and in return get access to your content! In the future we're hoping to add some analytic support for your buttons so you can keep a closer eye on them.

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